What to expect during a trial


There are many processes involved with the legal profession, serving Injunctions, issuing restraining orders are all examples of these processes. One of the most fascinating processes in the legal line of work is the criminal trial process. Many young lawyers long t taste in-court action squaring off against another lawyer. The rush of the live courtroom action is part of the lure of the profession promising a strong battle of wits along the course of the job.

A Trial is simply the process of presenting the case before a jury with facts and evidence of the matter and the jury deciding the final verdict of the case. A key occurrence in court trials is the presentation of evidence and witnesses before the court with each aimed to strike a chord amongst the jury.


In a trial, the stage is set for both sides to tell their side of the story but that never seems to be enough. Lawyers and legal counsels still contest certain statements made by their counterparts. The words “objection”, “Objection overruled”, objection sustained” are no strangers to a courtroom with various counsels rising to object either where their client’s rights are being abused or to defend their client’s interest. It is a battle of words when lawyers meet in court confronting each other with the evidence available to them in sometimes heated exchanges. Many law firms have lawyers that are excellent at the art of courtroom confrontations, Mike Morse law firm of Michigan is one of such law firms known for their lawyers conquering courtrooms in Michigan.


Different trials have different things at stake, but one sure thing is the fact that there is bound to be tension in the courtroom. With fates hanging in the balance, one can’t help but wonder about the court’s verdict. It is the uncertainty of the decision that makes people involved uneasy. Intensity also affects the lawyers and jury involved. With lawyers presenting their evidence and questioning their witnesses, the tension in the room constantly rises till it crescendoes at the verdict.


As much as it doesn’t seem like it, a courtroom is one of the most emotional places you could be. A lot of emotions are shown during a court trial process, sadness, anger, pain, joy, empathy are a few emotions that we see in a courtroom. Lawyers are experts In Triggering emotions amongst the jury and the audience in the crowd. They learn to captivate the jury and audience with their pleas and try to use those emotions in their bid to get their desired verdict.

There is a lot that goes on in a courtroom that we experience unknowingly and this article aims to bring them to view. The Next time you’re in the middle of a court trial process, you’re bound to experience the above mentioned and more. The courtroom process is indeed an interesting one and one should endeavor to experience at least one court trial.



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