First Day in Federal Prison

Criminal Law

First day in federal prison I also share details of a call I received from a client’s lawyer. The lawyer opened the call by mocking me, essentially saying that while our client thinks you are the “top federal prison consultant”, I am not sure that is possible because you only served 18 months in federal prison. Not only did this lawyer mock my credentials, he questioned a strategy I suggested to help our client serve the shortest sentence in the most favorable prison. Rather than argue with him, I explained why the strategy works, and why it should be implemented. Evan, our client, was adamant about implementing the strategy. The question is did the lawyer can occur board? I share the details in this video. Justin Paperny: Hi everyone. This is Justin Paperny. What you see behind you is the baseball field of the University of Southern California my alma mater. And I’m showing this in the background, because, well I made a mistake. Last Monday I completed my 100th career lecture at USC. My first lecture was in September of 09 and last week I did my 100 lecture. To celebrate it I went over to the baseball field and wanted to get creative and enjoy the fun, and essentially just post and impromptu video following this lecture. I thought everything went incredibly well until after enduring a lot of traffic in Los Angeles. I pulled into a Katsuya, a sushi restaurant in Encino; was enjoying some sake; went to be handled by the video and realized there was no audio. Apparently, I can film a video and get a hundred lectures, but I’m unable to flip a switch and therefore nothing was actually recorded. So, just to memorialize it or to keep for posterity as we say I wanted to film this video and keep up playing in the background although you won’t hear anything, I am going to essentially recreate and go over exactly what I said of these lectures. And, when I open up some of these lectures or you know through some of the hundred lectures I did at USC, I’ll open up this lecture and ask some of these business students at the Marshall school of accounting -What do you think of white collar crime sentences? Are they too long? I shared my story- is 18 months for what I did for securities fraud long enough. I’ll talk about some of my other, you know, clients who share stories I am allowed to share. And at the Marshall school, students must read Ethics and motion, my second book. And I can’t tell you every student buys the book, but about half of them do. And I’ll say okay, you read Chapter 3- Joshua, CFO from Chicago was 21 months fair. You read about my client Brandon- a doctor was 5 years fair. And, when I asked this question at the beginning of the lecture many of them said I think the sentence should be longer. They are nor long enough for the damage they cost, and then sometimes at the end of the lecture, after I told the story and hammer home the massive consequences that accompany white collar crime damage reputation, losing of licenses, the pain and shame, creating victims etc, they’ll say wow, you know, the prison term might not be the hardest part. It really is a lifelong enduring stigma that accompanies this conviction, and I think part of the reason that they feel that way is if I may give myself some credit, is partly the way that I tell my story, and telling of the story is something that I am a huge believer and advise all federal defendants to do well.

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