How A Family Law Attorney Can Fight For Your Rights

Family Law and Divorce

There are many factors to a divorce, and each of them can play a significant role as to how the final divorce proceedings play out at the end of the day.  You’ll find that the job of a family law attorney south bay is no walk in the park, as they have to search and process every corner of the law in order to bring your family social justice and and fair treatment.  These lawyers can fight for you on both ends of the spectrum.  If you think you are deserving of far more child support payments, you can find a lawyer that will bring up many points to prove your case.  Inversely, if you find yourself on the defensive and you feel you are unfairly being asked to pay far too much child support, a child support lawyer will also be able to help you with this case.  When it all boils down, you need to find the right kind of attorney who will do their best to fight for whatever cause you have.

Let’s take an example of a parent on the defending side of a child support case.  For this example, we will say that the father does not have custody of the children, but is required to pay additional child support, as the mother has main custody of the children, and is responsible for housing, transportation to school, as well as providing the majority of food and clothing.  This is a very typical situation, as many courts tend to favor the mother in custody battles, but a skilled child support attorney will be able to pinpoint certain exceptions to the rule, and will further convince the judge of an adjustment in child support payments.  Let’s take the example of the father who is ordered to pay child support.  If he has recently lost his job, certain arrangements can be made in the child support case, which can either allow for reduced payments and a certain amount of time in which he does not have to pay.

On the other end, let’s take another hypothetical situation.  Let’s say that the mother with custody is requesting higher child support payments.  If their child needs special in-home medical care or treatment, the divorce attorney can tally up a total cost of the needed treatment at home and apply that to the totals used to calculate child payment percentages.  This enables for a more fair and balanced situation for the children and parents.  This is only one of the many ways a child support lawyer can fight for your rights, regardless of being on the offensive or defensive side of the court.

At the end of the day, many divorce proceedings might seem nebulous and not clear to the parents and families involved with the court process.  Fortunately, an able family law attorney will be able to thoroughly understand and interpret the many facets of the law and make them clear and understandable for you.  This in turn will further convince the court to enable you to get what your family deserves.

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