6 Crucial Reasons For Workplace Injuries And How To Avoid These

Identity Theft

Meeting with an accident is an unidentifiable risk a person has, as you may not foresee what you might go through and avoid it.

Workplace injuries are the same where you don’t have any control over anything happening beyond your capabilities. A workplace injury is directly related to negligence towards safety precautions.

Let us understand what causes workplace injuries and how you can avoid them.

Slip and fall injury at the workplace

Among the most common reason for meeting with an injury at the workplace is slipping or tripping. Falling due to slippery floors, loose wires or cords, loose handrails, or certain obstructions might cause damage.

●       How to avoid

It’s always better to see if the floor is wet due to cleaning so that you won’t slip. Also, looking at the wires hanging around or any other clutter, you may ask the housekeeping person to declutter and get it out of the way to avoid any significant injuries.

Injuries due to Burn

Fire at a workplace or explosions due to short circuits are very dangerous scenarios. Burns can be due to faulty wiring, coming in contact with toxic and hazardous chemical substances, or due to overheated machinery or materials.

●      How to avoid

Ensure protective clothing while dealing with chemical substances. Also, have proper warning signs and provide necessary training to the employees for working with such chemicals. Have a first aid box nearby.

Make sure that the premises have the necessary safety precautions like fire extinguishers, fire escapes, and fire safety drills once in a while.

Injuries due to falling object

Yes, as irrational as it may sound, it is a possibility. In Kent, working at a construction site or in an office might face an injury due to falling of stationary objects from the shelf, collapsing of furniture or tools on the site falling from a height. This might cause minor as well as severe head injury in several cases. You can take the help of an injury lawyer in Kent if you wish to file for compensation.

●       How to avoid

Ensure the equipment is stored at a height that does not fall off easily. Having a closed area for tools at the construction site would not let them fall off the edge.

Manually moving of heavy objects

A simple back, neck, or shoulder pain ignored by an employee might take the form of significant injury. This is because of the daily task of manual labor they do at the workplace. Lifting heavy objects, short resting time, or working when being sick or unwell can lead to several injuries.

●       How to avoid

If unnecessary, avoid having manual handling particular objects at the workplace. Allow employees to have proper rest time as it might take a toll on their health. Upon hiring, ensure the employee is physically fit to do so. Provide appropriate training to handle heavy objects and protective gear.

Machinery injuries

Warehouses and construction sites use dangerous machinery, and employees deal with them daily. Employees might get a cut or have an eye injury with debris hitting their eyesight.

●       How to avoid

Ensure machinery and tools are frequently maintained, and employees are given adequate training to use it. Provide the employees with safety gear and ensure that they wear it every time they work.

Fall from a height

An employee working on a ladder in a site or falling from a step ladder at an office cubicle might cause injuries that cannot be foreseen.

●       How to avoid

Have required documentation and stationer at a reachable height at the office. Provide necessary safety gear while working on a roof or a ladder.

As per estimation, more than 50,000 deaths occur in the workplace due to accidental injuries, which is a huge and devastating number. To make sure you get the compensation of the loss you suffered due to injury, contact a reliable attorney, and fight for the claim.

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