4 Times You May Want an Attorney


Unless you are independently wealthy, there are certain things you may not have at the ready. One of those is an attorney. Lawyers deal with all measure of cases and can help you in a wide range of matters from serious felonies to real estate matters. Do you need an attorney? Take a look at four scenarios you may want to consider talking to an attorney for help.

  1. You Get Caught Driving Under the Influence

There are times when you may not make the best decision. Getting behind the wheel after enjoying a few adult beverages is one example of a mistake that can have dire consequences. Hopefully, the worst that happens is you get pulled over by a police officer and caught. If this occurs, you may be on your way to a big ticket and depending on how much you had to drink, a felony DUI charge. Retaining a lawyer Hayward CA to help you get through this common issue may keep you from spending time behind bars.

  1. You Get Behind in Your Bills

Being in debt is not something any adult sets out to do, but sometimes things happen that cause you to dig yourself into a financial hole. When it gets too deep to dig out of alone and the debt collectors keep calling and worse – serve you with a lawsuit – you maywant to consider hiring a bankruptcy attorney to help figure out the best course of action. Filing bankruptcy does not carry the stigma it once did.

  1. You Separate From Your Spouse

Happy weddings do not equal happy marriages. The stress of work, family and a lack of time to spend together navigating it all maycause a rift that drives once close spouses apart. If you need help getting a divorce, there are attorneys specializing in divorce and family law. If you have children, you may want to hire someone sooner rather than later to help navigate the very muddy waters of custody.

  1. You Need To Create or Change a Will 

Creating an estate plan is not necessarily a joyous occasion, but planning for your family’s future after your death can help relieve stress for you. An estate attorney can help you set up trusts, get your living will and power of attorney documents together as well as advise you on how to handle assets and debts after your death.

When the time comes where you feel like you need to retain the services of a professional litigator or advocate, take your time and do your homework. You want to find the best measure of counsel that your budget allows.

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