A Few Things You Might Not Know About the Services of a Divorce Attorney


If you are married and are thinking about divorcing your spouse, you probably have many questions in your mind. Although you should consult with an attorney, there are many things you should know about the services of a family lawyer Austin, Texas. The following are just a few examples.

They can help you divorce an incarcerated spouse

If your husband or wife is currently in prison, there is a process that you can go through to get a divorce. Keep in mind that even though your spouse may be in prison, they still have rights. With the right attorney, often your spouse may be convinced to sign the divorce papers, but they are entitled to a hearing if they demand one. There are certain exceptions, such as your spouse is violent. In this case, there is a process that is followed, so your safety is not an issue.

They can help locate your spouse

You may be a person who wants to get a divorce, but you have no idea where he or she is. This situation is more common than you may think, so you are not alone. Married people can split up without divorcing and go there separate ways, never realizing that at some point in their future they will want a divorce. Perhaps you have met someone and would like to get married. An attorney has many resources to help locate your missing spouse, and there is also a process associated with divorcing a missing spouse. A consultation with a law firm such as Noelke Maples St Leger Bryant, LLP can answer questions about your specific situation.

You don’t have to offer a reason for a divorce

This is true in many states, including the state of Texas. This state is considered no-fault; you simply need to decide that you want a divorce, and you can get one. Neither can you spouse stop you from getting a divorce. Whether he or she wants a divorce from you or not is irrelevant. However, if your spouse wants to, he or she can create delays in the process, but in the end, they cannot stop the divorce. If you are looking to get a divorce but your spouse says no, then you should seek legal counsel immediately.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you and your spouse, even though you are on good terms, should each have your own attorney. This doesn’t mean that the divorce will turn into a war; it simply recognizes the fact that one attorney cannot, in good faith, represent both sides in a divorce. Any questions that you have are best answered by a family law attorney. They understand the legal process that pertains to your circumstances.


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