Questions to Ask Your Syracuse DWI Lawyer


If you’re involved in a DWI case, it’s vital that you find a lawyer experienced in this type of case to represent you.

The best way to do this is to ask your attorney specific questions to ensure that they’re experienced, knowledgeable, and capable of providing you with the best representation available.

So, if you’ve recently been arrested for driving while under the influence, whether for drugs or alcohol, click here for more information or keep reading to learn about choosing the best DWI lawyer.

Keep in mind that criminal court cases move much faster than civil lawsuits.

Therefore, you need to find yourself a competent DWI lawyer as soon as possible. And knowing what questions to ask will help you do exactly that.

Meeting with Your Lawyer

Most criminal attorneys are willing to meet with you for a brief consultation, where they’ll introduce themselves and discuss some of the details of your case. This also provides you with the perfect opportunity to interview the attorney to ensure they’re right for you.

So, once you’ve narrowed down a list of a few DWI lawyers in your area, call them to set up appointments for a consultation. Here, your goals will be to:

  • Learn about their experience and criminal background
  • Discuss options and strategies
  • Determine whether they’re the right DWI lawyer for you

Also, to make the most out of your consultation, be sure to bring the following items with you.

  • Any court documents that present your charges and court dates
  • Bail papers
  • The police report
  • Any other documents the police have given you

Below, we’ll break down the individual topics and questions that are vital to discuss during your meeting.

Experience and Background

During your initial meeting, it’s important to discuss your lawyer’s experience and background in criminal defense. Keep in mind that there are several different types of criminal defense lawyers. Therefore, you need to ensure they’re specialized in DWI charges.

Learn about the different types of lawyers here:

A few questions you should ask include:

  • Whether they belong to any bar associations or organizations, and which ones
  • How long have they been practicing criminal defense
  • How long have they specialized in DWI charges
  • Have they worked with the prosecutor before
  • How often have they taken DWI cases to trial

Remember that it’s to your advantage to find a lawyer who has experience working with attorneys in the prosecution’s office. Lawyers with good reputation are more likely to be able to negotiate better terms for you case.

This could mean the difference between community service and jail time.

Assessing Your Case

Before a DWI lawyer is able to give you any information or feedback about your case, they’ll first need to understand your charges and what evidence is being presented against you. Therefore, it’s important to listen carefully to the questions your lawyer asks and answer these questions to the best of your abilities.

During this time, consider asking:

  • If they’d recommend a guilty plea
  • If a plea agreement is possible
  • What factors are in your favor
  • What to expect at different intervals throughout the process such as the arraignment, the filing of motions, disposition, trial, etc.

Learn more about guilty please here:

The Management of Your Case

In criminal law, attorneys often use the term “case management” to refer how they’ll go about handling your case. Case management helps you understand the logistics behind the process and avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings.

At this point, ask about:

  • Whether or not they’re available to represent you
  • If there will be any one else working your case, if so, who?
  • If they’ll be representing you in court or will it be someone else
  • If you’ll receive regular updates about your case


As you already know, there are many costs associated with a DWI conviction, not only in terms of money, but possible outcomes might include the loss of your license, increased insurance prices, fines, and even jail time. And to add to all that, there’s the cost of hiring your lawyer.

Therefore, it’s important to discuss with your lawyer whether they charge an hourly fee or a flat rate.

It’s also important to understand that these fees won’t cover everything, so consider asking the following:

  • If they charge an hourly or flat fee
  • What does their rate include?
  • What related expenses should you expect?
  • What forms of payment options do you have?

Hiring a DWI Lawyer in Syracuse

Always keep in mind that the lawyer you choose will determine the outcome of your case. And having a good lawyer by your side could mean the difference between paying fines and having to perform community service or jail time.

Therefore, it’s important to discuss everything mentioned above with your lawyer and determine if they’re right for you.

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