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People tend to confuse the term TV show and TV series. A TV show, also referred to as television show or TV program, is practically any content created and produced for broadcast over the cable, satellite, or internet, and is typically viewed on a TV set. The shows can be broadcasted live or recorded in advance, either way they are scheduled ahead of time and they do appear on TV listings and electronic guides. TV series are a part of TV show’s group; they are filmed ahead of time, they include professional actors, there usually is a story throughout the entire series, which is divided into seasons, and at one point they do come to an end. What we consider as TV series are ”shows” like the all-time-favorite Columbo, ER, Sex and the City, Grey’s Anatomy, The Sopranos, NCIS, and numerous more, along with all the sitcoms out there.

TV show is a program, that usually includes one or more hosts that present the shows and keep the audience engaged; it can be a reality show, an educational show, or even a factual documentary. When someone mentions a reality TV show, the most popular one has probably always been Big Brother; a show where there are no professional actors, there is a host to link the ongoing events together, and it is being broadcasted live on our TV sets and over the internet. If you did not follow Big Brother, maybe you watched Survival, The Amazing Race, Hell’s Kitchen, or another reality game show, that is a little different than the previously mentioned; The Voice, Fear Factor, Weakest Link, The X Factor, and many more.

For the enthusiast of TV channels like National Geographic, Animal Planet, and Discovery Channel, you might enjoy the more educational and/or informational shows, like StarTalk, Naked Science, Ultimate Survival, Shark Week, and The Most Extreme.

And of course let’s not forget about the entertaining, comical TV shows, where the hosts usually provide information with a pinch of humor; Top Gear (UK) might be the leading show, where you can ‘’laugh your pants off’’ and learn something new. And then there are Myth busters, Science of Stupid, and an all-entertainment show; Impractical Jokers.

There are countless TV shows, and we all have our favorite picks. Find your choices here, at the free-to-watch website and Watch Free TV Show | Full – TV Show – HD – Quality‎‎.

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