What To Do if Your Ex Is Stalking You


Getting out of a bad relationship can be freeing, but in some cases the turmoil can continue even after the divorce is finalized. If you suspect that your ex is stalking you, or if he or she is outright trying to scare you, it’s important to take a stand and stop the behavior. Here are several things you can do if your ex is stalking you.

Talk To Your Attorney

A family attorney tampa can help you understand your rights after divorce. He or she can also guide you through the legal steps you can take to keep you and your family safe from your ex.

Get a Restraining Order

Most people file a restraining order when their ex won’t leave them alone. Different orders may have different wording, but most order the offender to always stay a certain distance away from the victim. Restraining orders also prohibit your ex from contacting you via internet, phone or any other way.

Unfortunately, a restraining order doesn’t always keep offenders away. It does, however, give you the ability to call the police and have them take action if your ex breaks the order.

Call 911

If you ever think you are in immediate danger, don’t waste time calling your friends, family members or attorney. Instead, call 911. Try to remain as calm as possible so you can describe your surroundings and location to the dispatcher. Remain on the phone until help arrives, and do not let your ex get near you.

Don’t Confront Your Stalker

It’s hard to tell what someone is capable of when they are angry or hurt. Don’t assume that your ex won’t harm you if you confront him or her. Instead, work with your attorney and the police as needed to control your ex’s behavior.

Few things can cause anxiety and fear like knowing you’re being stalked. Follow these tips to keep your ex away and take control out of his or her hands.

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