Different ways to migrate to Australia 

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Australia is the best country for migration, as this country is notable for its friendly environment. Australians are very friendly, and the weather conditions are also very good. Australia is among the cheapest city to live in, so people usually migrate to Australia from different countries. Migrating to Australia from some foreign countries can be done in various ways and for various reasons.

There are different paths to migrate to Australia easily, the ways are mentioned below:-

1. Student Visa path –

If you have completed your education in Australia and want to settle in that place completely, then you can easily convert your student visa to permanent residency. It will be easy to migrate for the students who have studied at an Australian university as they have already spent years at the place for education. The student will be more preference for the migration process through student visa and would also help to shape and to increase the speed of the acculturation process.

2. Employment path –

The people can migrate to Australia based on work-related path. The people can migrate to Australia for employment purposes with two different visas that are: General skilled migration visa or Employer-sponsored Visa. Through this visa, the Australian employee can easily migrate to Australia from any other foreign country.

3. Family visa path –

Through family visas also you can migrate to Australia, but there are certain conditions like through the Australian sponsor family. The Australian family member should be a permanent Australian citizen. The Family-sponsored person has the right to bring his or her spouse through  spouse or partner visa children, parents, brothers, and any other family members after fulfilling the eligibility conditions.

4. Business visa –

As to start-up a business in Australia, you need a business visa with that you won’t be able to start the business there if you are not a citizen of Australia. The people who have owned or part-owned business with the prescribed limit of the net business and personal assets. The business visa allows you to own and manage a business in Australia.

5. Retirement visa path –

If you are thinking of spending your retirement years in Australia, then you must have a retirement visa. The two-stream of visa that can be used to spend your retirement years in Australia is subclass 410 visas, and the other is an investor retirement visa. There is a certain condition for this visa as the specific person should have AUD 500,000 for settling in regional areas and AUD 750,000 for settling in a non-regional area.

There are various ways with the aid of which you can easily migrate to Australia, as mentioned above. There are only some eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill before you settle in Australia.

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