How To Overcome The Consequences Of A DUI Arrest

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Getting arrested for drinking and driving is a serious offense that can have lasting consequences. Not only can it have financial and emotional consequences, it can affect every aspect of your entire life. However, one mistake shouldn’t mean your life is over. While there may be many consequences that result after a DUIarrest, you can get help getting back on track when you hire the help of a DUI  lawyer Hayward CA such as the ones found at Below are some of the common consequences you will most likely have to face after arrest.

License Revocation

After you are arrested and convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol, you are going to be at risk of losing your license. For fist time offenders, the suspension could last up to two or more years. This time frame will be even longer for those that are repeat offenders. Most people need their ability to drive for work, their families and for almost everything they have to do in life. Losing your license is a big deal.


After getting arrested for a DUI, you might find that it is more difficult to search and apply for jobs. When your potential employer runs a background check on you, they might not like the fact that they see you have been irresponsible with your driving. Additionally, when you try to rent or lease a home, your potential landlord might not like seeing that tenants have a DUI conviction on their record and many deny them the ability to rent.

Raise In Insurance

One of the other downsides of getting a DUIconviction on your record is that you will begin to see your automotive insurance rates go up. The main reason that your rates will go up is because that kind of conviction makes you a “high risk” driver in their eyes. With some companies, you might see your rates double for a few years afterwards.

As you can see, there are many consequences to take into consideration if you are facing a conviction for drinking and driving. If you want any chance of lessening the affects of these consequences, you need to consult with a professional DUI attorney for help.

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