How Your DUI Attorney Will Get You a More Favorable Result in Court

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While you might think that because your blood test shows you were drinking and driving and you have no real defense, your DUI attorney understands that the laws pertaining to these cases are extremely complex and even a small discrepancy can result in the case being decided in your favor. Your attorney will collect all the evidence in the case and carefully analyze every detail of the information, looking for instances where you were treated unfairly, or your rights were violated. These are a few of the things that a local dui lawyer milwaukee wi professional will be doing behind the scenes in an effort to get your case charges lessened or possibly dismissed altogether.

Taking a Closer Look at All the Evidence in Your Case

It may appear that your BAC number and the failed field tests are a clear indication your were drinking and driving, your DUI attorney might be able to show otherwise. Just because it looks overwhelming in the favor of the prosecution, your lawyer might be able to carefully analyze all the evidence and show the officer did the tests incorrectly or violated your rights. If this is the case, not only could the charges be dropped to reckless, the case may be dismissed altogether, and you will get to retain your driving privileges too.

Getting the Officer to Talk in Detail

Once you get to your DUI trial, the arresting officer does not have to take or answer questions about the arrest unless there is evidence to support your claims of innocence. In order to get the officer to open up before the trial, your attorney will request they be at the license hearing, where questions can be asked in an informal setting with no repercussions. Those answers give your DUI attorney fuel to build a defense to use at the DUI trial to poke holes in the prosecution story.

The Importance of an Attorney with Courtroom Experience

Trying to defend yourself in a DUI case is going to end badly, mostly because you are going up against the judge, the police officer, and the prosecution. Rarely do these cases go well when the defendant is representing themselves. With the help of your local DUI attorney, they not only will draw on past experience to help win your case, they know these individuals in the courtroom from other cases, and they know which tactics work and which to avoid, all in an effort to get you the result you are hoping for.

As you can see, your attorney is going to be banking on decades of combined experience with their law firm to be able to poke even the smallest holes in your case. All the burden does not fall on your side, it falls on the side of the prosecution, so your DUI attorney understands they only need to find a few things that do not line up with the prosecution to get the result you desire.

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