The Process of Obtaining a Bond

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The bond process can be confusing. A bail bond agent can help you find the right bond for your situation. You don’t have to feelfrustrated by the process. Here are a few bail bonds that can secure a release from custody.

Cash Bond

A cash bond is a pretty easy process. You don’t need to contact a bond agent. All you have to do is post the bond with cash. Some departments may not accept cash for the bond. In that case, you can use a cashier’s check or credit card. If you don’t have the money, there are other options for you.

Surety Bond

You can contact a bail bond agent. Most people cannot come up the full amount of the bond. The bond agency will require you to post 10 percent of the bond amount. You can use cash or property for this process. The bond agency will require you to sign an agreement. The person in custody must attend all court hearings on the case. If they fail to go to court, you may end up losing your money. In addition to losing your money, the defendant may also have an arrest warrant out for them. A bail bond agent will use a surety bond to cover the other 90 percent of the bond.

Property Bond

If your money is tied up with property investments, you may consider a property bond. Bail bond agents do not handle property bonds. These bonds require you to have a hearing before the court. During this process, the full property value will be assessed. Once a decision is made, you can post the property as bail. You should not expect a quick turnaround with this bond. The court process can take a few days to a couple weeks to complete.

If you need to find Erie County bail bonds, there are experienced agents in your area. They can help you through the process to securethe release of a loved one from custody.


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