5 Documents to Bring When Meeting With an Automobile Accident Attorney

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Dealing with insurance companies and medical billing departments can be a real headache after an accident. It can also be challenging to get all of the remunerations you are entitled to. That’s why it’s important to work with an attorney who has your best interest in mind.

When meeting with an automobile accident attorney, you’ll need to bring adequate documentation for them to assess the case and get started.

So read on to learn 5 must-have documents to bring with you for your first meeting with an attorney.

  1. The Police Report

You should notify the authorities as soon as you can after your accident takes place. The police will gather information about the accident and take detailed notes of everyone and everything at the scene. They do this to provide a detailed account of the accident and events leading up to it in case of future litigation.

They will take a statement from all parties involved in the accident as well as any witnesses. The responding officer will give their opinion about who they think is at fault for the accident.

This is an important document that will help your case, so be sure to show this to your attorney at your first meetings.

  1. Insurance Information

Even if you are not the at-fault party, your lawyer will need to review your insurance policy. Bring with you any documentation you have describing your coverage in full.

You should also bring any correspondence you’ve had with the insurance company regarding the accident. This could be a written claim submission, e-mails, a chat log, or notes from a phone conversation.

Your attorney will deal directly with your insurance company, so bring any contact info you have for your insurance representative. Letting your attorney take the reigns on dealing with your automobile insurance company is one of 5 reasons why you should hire an accident attorney.

  1. Photos of the Accident

Hopefully, you were not seriously injured in your accident and you had the ability to take photos or videos of the scene before leaving. Photographic evidence could help your attorney see details or clues that were missed by the police or any witnesses.

  1. Medical Bills and Reports

Even if you do not have any obvious injuries, it’s always best to get examined by a medical professional after an accident. Certain types of injuries may have late-onset symptoms that take a while to show up.

Document your medical visits and keep info on your recommended treatments, prescriptions, and therapy visits.

Also, keep a record of all bills and payments made as your attorney can help you recover all of these expenses.

  1. Personal Written Statement

While it may seem like you’d never forget the details of the accident, over time your memory will fade. The litigation process is slow and you will not be in the same place mentally by the end of it as you were immediately after your accident.

Write a detailed personal statement of all of the details as you remember them.

Meeting With Your Automobile Accident Attorney

You should feel prepared for your first meeting with your automobile accident attorney if you have these 5 documents in hand. It will give your attorney enough information to get started on your case. You will acquire more documents as the case progresses, but your attorney will clue you in on what to do next!

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