Common Car Accident Injuries That You May Sustain

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Whether you are on a road trip or just driving across town, an unexpected accident may happen. Accidents may cause you serious injuries that could scar you for months. Some injuries may be minor and heal without needing any medical care. However, some injuries are much severe and may cause permanent scars or even disabilities. Sometimes what makes the situation worse is knowing that you are an innocent victim of a negligent driver. In Boise Idaho, you can get a Boise car accident lawyer to build a lawsuit on your behalf and make sure that you get compensated for all the damage that you have suffered. Various factors determine the severity of injuries after a car accident. For instance, having a seatbelt or sitting on a particular side of the vehicle will dictate how hurt you become. Here are some common injuries that you may sustain in a car accident.

  1. Whiplash 

When you get involved in a car accident, your soft tissues are likely to get injured. These kinds of injuries damage your body’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These connective tissue injuries are common. They are popularly known as whiplash injuries and mainly occur around the neck as well as the upper back. The ligaments and muscles become strained because, in the event of an accident, your lower and the mid-body tends to move much faster than you usually would. The trauma from the sudden pressure is what causes your tissues to be damaged. These injuries are painful and may take some time to heal. If the impact of the force is much higher, you may sustain serious spine injuries.

  1. Cuts and scrapes

Whenever you are in a car, there are several loose objects that may be lying around, such as your phone and a coffee mug. In the event of a sudden accident, these objects become projectiles moving around the car’s interior. If they come into contact with your skin, you may get cuts and scrapes on your skin. These kinds of injuries can be treated easily as they are minor. Sometimes they don’t need any treatment at all. When the airbag is deployed, you may also sustain scrapes or cuts.

  1. Head injuries 

Head injuries may take different forms; some are severe, while others are minor. During an accident, the car makes unexpected directional changes and stops. These movements may cause your head to move suddenly and unnaturally, which may result in whiplash or actual head injuries. The impact with the steering wheel or side window may cause lacerations on your head. Additionally, severe collisions may cause closed injuries, inflicting trauma on your brain. Trauma to the brain may cause future severe complications if left unchecked. You may also sustain concussions. Head injuries are serious, and a good car accident lawyer will help you get a settlement, which you could use to initiate treatment to avoid any future complications. Head injuries should be carefully treated as untreated issues such as blood clots are fatal.

These are just some of the accidents that you may sustain if you are involved in an accident. However, by taking safety measures such as buckling your seat belt, you may save your life or prevent severe injury.

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