Factors to Consider After an On-the-job Injury

Personal Injury

After you have been hurt at work, you might get plenty of well-meaning advice from friends, coworkers, and relatives.  They all have a theory about what you should do and what the timeline should be for you to take action.

In reality, these individuals may not have the answers for which you are searching.  You can know what actions to take by consulting instead with law firms, court mediators, and workmans comp lawyers about your case.

Initial Consultation

You might actually feel quite confused about what steps to take in the days and weeks following your accident.   You may feel mortified that you got hurt.  You also may fear losing your job or suffering some kind of reprisal at work.

You do not have to face such actions alone, however.  You have the right to retain a lawyer to represent you.

You can begin the vetting process by scheduling an initial consultation with him to discuss important facts about your case.  The consultation comes at no cost to you, and you will have the chance to ask as many questions as needed about what your rights and responsibilities are as an injured worker.

Based on the information you get in this first meeting, you can decide whether or not to put the attorney on retainer.  You also can start participating in your workers comp case.


Many employers like to settle such cases out of court.  They do not want their companies’ names being publicized in negative manners.

If your employer offers you a settlement, it can be important for your lawyer to read the terms of it first.  Your attorney can make sure it will cover your costs and needs now as well as those you may have in the future especially if you cannot go back to work.

Injured workers like you have legal rights that must be protected.  You can find out more and help participate in your case by contacting an experienced and capable attorney to represent you today.  The initial consultation with him comes at no cost to you.

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