How You Can Protect Yourself And Win Your Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury

Being injured at work or in a car accident can be a frustrating time especially when it is the fault or negligence of another that caused the accident. Insurance companies want to pay out the smallest amount possible and will do everything in their legal power to do so. Trying to file a personal injury case without legal expertise could lead to mistakes in paperwork leading a person to have their case thrown out. An insurance company can tie up a person in court for quite some time without ever offering a settlement of any kind. Picking a professional personal injury lawyer with top ratings can help immensely which will be discussed below. The following are other tips to help you win your personal injury case.

Witness Information

Witness information needs to be gathered as soon as possible but in the cases of a car accident the officer responding to the scene will gather this. If a witness has to leave getting their contact information could be valuable. The last thing you want is for you to be injured and the accident be blamed on you when you were in no way at fault. With medical malpractice the tactic changes as you do not want the medical provider thinking a lawsuit is on the horizon. This can lead to records being changed in order to cover the hospital’s or doctor’s back. Asking for all records is a common occurrence so do this in a polite way even if planning to file a massive lawsuit.

Gather Other Evidence With A Smartphone

In the case of a car accident or even a slip and fall in a grocery store, the appropriate photos should be taken. Even video evidence can be useful as you might see someone sprint to put a slippery when wet sign out to notify customers. Individuals and businesses want to avoid any legal action when possible so they might turn to immoral means. A car accident being photographed can provide extra information for a legal team. Dashcams can provide immense amounts of evidence and can even record the behavior of the other driver on camera.

Find A Top Personal Injury Attorney

Finding a top personal injury law professional like those at Patino Law Firm will take research. Firms that do not have extensive experience in personal injury need to be avoided. An insurance company could offer a huge settlement in order to avoid going to trial with a law firm that has won repeatedly when taking a case to trial. These firms will also have expert witnesses along with paralegals that can help build a case and help increase a settlement amount. Taking all cases to trial is not recommended though as a fair settlement should be accepted as you could be rewarded far less by a judge.

Take Your Social Media Accounts Offline

The insurance company of a business or individual is going to want to prove that your injury is not as severe as you claim. They could follow you around to the gym or even stalk social media profiles for pictures of you being active. The injury could be nagging but the wrong picture could harm a case immensely especially if it goes to trial. Most attorneys will recommend to be very careful what is posted or said on social media in regards to an injury or the case if you are not willing to delete them.

As you can see winning a personal injury case will take a proactive approach and the hiring of the right attorney or law firm. Take the time to make sure you protect yourself and ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

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