Personal Injury: The Most Common Types of Claims in the US

Personal Injury

The US has fifty states in total and they each present different statistics every year, in respect to the kind of personal injury incidents and claims made by their respective residents. However, there are a few common personal injury incidents, which seems to be abundant across all states in general.

Automobile Accidents

As per government data presented to the public in 2017, 34,247 fatal crashes in the US were reported by the authorities, in which 18,726 drivers and 6,174 passengers died.

Vehicular accidents are by far the most common reason why people file for personal injury claims. However, there are a whole range of subdivisions here and the laws that govern each of those subdivisions in case of an automobile accident claim, also vary accordingly.

Then there are further differences to those rules, implemented by the specific state in which the accident has occurred. To know more about personal injury claims related to the state of Louisiana, visit the Smiley Law Firm website. Aside from offering services to all residents of Baton Rouge, they also have a very rich database of personal injury related information, case studies and more for everyone in general.

Public Liability and Negligence

Public liability and general negligence is applicable in a scenario where the owner/keeper of a publicly accessible area or property was negligent in either keeping the area safe for the public, or in providing appropriate warnings against the possible danger. Anything from slip and falls to mislabeling and misplacement of equipment that has resulted in someone’s injury or death can be held against the authority in charge.

If you ever happen to be the victim of such negligence, always wait for your personal injury attorney’s opinion, before signing any waivers or accepting any kind of compensation.

Work Related Injuries

It is mandatory for all commercial environments to comply with the safety standards set by the US Department of Labor. Failure to do so will open up ample opportunity for making valid personal injury claims.

Most businesses carry worker’s compensation insurance though, which makes it easier for people who work in the more dangerous professions, to get compensated, even in case of truly unavoidable circumstances.

Medical Malpractice

Although the United States has the biggest healthcare industry, as well as the largest medical care providers in the world, it sits in a somewhat disconcerting 37th position, when it comes to providing a solid healthcare infrastructure within the nation.

This proves that while America does have a booming healthcare industry, the standard of healthcare provided is alarmingly behind even much poorer nations such as Dominica and Greece. Therefore, medical malpractice is unfortunately, not as uncommon as it should be.

Any injury, suffering, financial loss or death caused by negligence, misdiagnosis or mistreatment from a medical institution, or a particular medical professional, creates the grounds for claiming medical malpractice compensation.

These common personal injury scenarios should paint a decent picture about the possibility of getting compensated for your misfortune, or that of anyone close to you, but there are still a lot of other situations where the US Federal and state laws provide grounds for a citizen to claim compensation. If you are ever injured and you believe that there was another party at fault, it’s always best to verify your suspicions by calling a personal injury lawyer.

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